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Tips for right packing

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We have all suffered sometime from the unfortunate consequences of the wrong packing of luggage: from the bottle of cream which poured into your favorite sweater until the souvenir which broke because you did not make sure to put it nicely between the clothes.

Also, not to mention the times you have been lying down or jumping on the suitcase trying to close the zipper …

To save time and space in your suitcases, see below some tips for proper packing, as reported in a Skyscanner article.


1. First of all, be sure of the … identifying marks

Avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport and reduce the chances of leaving with someone else’s luggage by putting your own characteristic mark (eg. ribbon or string of a specific color) in your suitcase.


2. Use separate zipper bags / bags with zippers to separate the different groups of items

Mobile charger, camera, adapters, headphones and other electronic gadgets or accessories can easily be “lost” inside the suitcase. To avoid this, you can use separate zip fasteners to get them all together. Follow the same trick for the liquids to reduce the chance of an accident.


3. Save yourself from stains and dirt

Wrap the sensitive and light-colored clothes from the inside to out and use hair caps of one usage to cover the shoes in your suitcase.


4. Save space with special air removal bags

If you do not want to start the … ironing as soon as you reach to your destination, try using special air-removal bags so as to put in order the clothes that were mixed in the suitcase. They will save your space and time. You can also use different bags for your t-shirt, trousers, etc. so as to find easily your clothes.


5. Transparent membrane makes miracles

Apply a transparent membrane to the mouth of the bottles and then screw normally their caps. With this trick you will avoid leaks.


6. To save the powder and eye shadows

A secret for women. If you want to avoid breaking your favorite powder, blush and eye shadow, place a piece of cotton and close the cap. This will protect the “valuable” content of your cosmetics.


7. Take advantage of the useless “empty” spaces

When you are packing your luggage, you have to take advantage of every possible space that may exist, such as the inside of your shoe. Place in order your socks or thin vests and other small items and save some space in your suitcase.