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How to use in an appropriate way your Backpack?!

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Nobody wants to be hurt on his shoulders and waist when he is carrying a heavy bag! Also, nobody wants to be risk by having a constantly wrong attitude in his body!
However, a well- fitted & functional Backpack will help you το stand up rightly and relieve you of pain and suffering! But you have to use it correctly!

1) Wear both of the backpack straps .. They are here to make your life easy! In case you wear your backpack on one shoulder, you may have muscular pains!

2) Adjust the straps in such a way that the backpack fits in your back and body! This is the reason, why there are the adjustable plastic indicators!

3) Do not tighten your shoulders, try to see in which point you feel more comfortable your perfect backpack and tighten the straps! Your body knows better than you do about the best position!

4) Use all the pockets and share the weight you carry! Your Backpack has both internal and external pockets so as to distribute properly your load! Put each thing into its case and walk comfortably!

5)Get weighted!! Yes, you have read correctly! Weigh yourself & then weigh your Backpack! If your backpack is heavier than 20% of your weight, you should remove definitely some of your things! The ideal ratio is 10% to 15% of your body’s weight!