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Tips for the cleanest canteen always and everywhere!

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1) Hand wash! Wash your canteen in hand, with lukewarm water and mild cleansers after every walk!


2) Do not select the dishwasher as an easy solution. It is certainly easier and faster to throw the canteen in the dishwasher so as to get it clean the next day. However, keep in your mind that when dishwashers clean the dishes, they use very hot water – almost boiling – which is not good for your canteen due to the fact that high temperatures can spoil its material and ultimately not  to be suitable for use!


3) Clean your canteen after every walk. Even if you only drink water, surely there are salt and possibly food leftovers.


4) As long as you do not use it, keep it dry! Moisture is the best friend of bacteria and fungus. Something we do not want … So, after each wash, dry it with absorbent kitchen paper! And let the cap open!


5) If you notice stench…. Pour mouth solution! Yeah, well, if you follow all of the above steps, and the stench does not say to go away, rinse it with your oral solution! You will see immediately a difference!