Company’s Presentation

Who we are

Founded in 1987, Diakakis S.A is a leading Greek importing and distributing company operating dynamically in the field of backpacks toys & gifts, stationerylicense brands,craft & office items.

The main company’s headquarter and warehouses are located in Thessaloniki, a branch in Athens, Subsidiaries in Cyprus, Hong Kong, China and a large, rapidly expanding network of associates (over 5,000 sale points) in retail, including bookstores, toy stores, stationery, gift items and super markets, meet the needs of the entire Greek Market.

Export Activity

At the same time, the company exports its products to 65 countries such as Cyprus, the Balkans (Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Albania, etc.), Europe (France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, etc.), the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to provide every family and child quality, innovative and safe products that will make their lives easier and happier, and simultaneously they will contribute to the protection of the environment.    

Strong presence to the most important International Market’s Fairs and Exhibitions

Every year the company participates in major exhibitions in Greece and abroad to enhance its international orientation and develop activities and partnerships in new markets.

International Awards

Best Product Development 2019, eOne Films

You can download our Company Presentation here: Company’s Profile 2024