Must backpacks provide 2 years warranty in case of technical or manufacturing error of the product, including:

  • Materials: fabrics and peripheral materials (plastics, silicones, straps, etc.)
  • Unraveled threads
  • defective zippers (on the outside of the backpack and the inside pockets)
  • One year warranty for any problems with the wheels and handle of the trolley.

The warranty Must… applies when the product has been used under normal conditions for the intended purpose and following all product uses.

The warranty does not cover any problem due to improper use of the bag, normal degradation of materials, contact with acids or solvents, spots, vibrations, excessive force,  excessive loading weight (over the proposed weight), burns, scratches, loss of detachable parts, exposure to extreme temperatures, mechanical cuts, damages caused by third parties, when they do not follow the proper instructions or any modification or intervention in the original design by persons outside the repair warranty workshop Must …

The following terms are mandatory for the approval of the guarantee:

  1. The submission of the purchase’s proof (through photographic material or by submission to the responsible seller)
  2. Photographic material that focuses clearly on the destruction’s point of the product.