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Discover new Must Monochrome backpacks, backpacks and trolleys Disney Frozen, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Cars, Princess, Marvel Spider -Man, Avengers, Jurassic World, Peppa Pig and more for kindergarten and elementary school, lunch sets, water canteens, notebooks, stationery, food accessories, etc. that will excite you with the quality Must…

Monochrome rPET

A backpack that loves the environment and reflects your style!

Ecological, quality backpack with super features in 1 or 2 Central cases gives the coolest style and fits your day!

Eco-friendly rPET

With 30 recycled plastic rPET bottles we make the Must Monochrome rPET backpack, we reduce the plastic pollution and we protect the environment!

Learn more about how your rPET backpack is made!

Color for every style

The Must Monochrome collection is so big that you can find the backpack that suits you perfectly.

Choose between different types and dozens of colors in combinations that make the difference with the quality Must.

Comfort in every step!

Carry and organize all your school supplies or whatever else you need for the walk and the excursion!

In each backpack you will find 2 front cases, 1 inner case with soft lining and a case for laptop 16 ”, while only in backpacks with 1 central case you will be thrilled with the 1 back case.

And of course you will never be thirsty with your expandable side case!

Be Smart. Be Must...!

Connect your power bank with the USB charging port of the backpack and easily and simply charge your smartphone, laptop or tablet wherever you are!

Use the headphone diode because it is wonderful to go ahead and listen to your favorite song at every step or to talk on your cell phone with your hands free!

Monochrome PLUS Colored Inside

A new rPET backpack experience with a colored inside design!

Design, comfort, quality and unique combination of colors that excite!


Must... around the World!

Must Round The World

The ultimate stylish item that makes you stand out. No, it's not just your school bag but your personal fashion statement!


It's Must...

With children's favorite Heroes

License Must School Collection 2022

Discover school backpacks and trolleys Disney Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Frozen, Cars, Marvel Spider-Man, Avengers along with PJ Masks, Peppa Pig ,Transformers, Cocomelon, Jurassic, etc. that will excite all students in kindergarten and elementary school with the quality Must ...

Must... Elementary School Collections

Backpacks and trolleys for boys and girls in new designs and colors that impress!

Must... Kindergarten School Collections

Must Rainbow Collection
Must tsantes nipaigoneiou

This school year in kindergarten will be fantastic with the special school backpacks and preschool trolleys that will carry with safety, comfort and convenience all my necessary school supplies. 

Must... School Supplies

The largest collection of school supplies that make the difference with the quality Must … 

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